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The ZHD offers a wide workshop programme, focusing on teaching and learning at university. The participants can take part in various workshop formats.

Standard-Workshop (8 - 16 working units)
Standard workshops allow you to deal with a topic intensively and comprehensively. You get to know the basics of the respective topic and test a transfer to your own teaching concept. Standard workshops are daylong (8 units), in part also two-days long, and are accordingly credited with up to 16 working units for the NRW certificate.
Method-Workshop (4 working units)
Our method-workshops, which are shorter, enable you to get to know and actively try out various methods in a short period of time concerning the didactic location (entrance, backup, text work, feedback, etc.). Method workshops are half-day and accordingly credited with 4 work units for the NRW certificate.
Short-Workshops for individual specialisation (2 working units)
In our short workshops you have the opportunity to carry out the transfer of the (newly acquired) didactic content to your own teaching under guidance. Colleagues can often give interesting suggestions or impulses when you are lacking ideas or "get stuck". The short workshops usually do not take longer than 2 hours and are credited with 2 work units for the NRW certificate.