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The NRW Certificate

The Centre of Higher Education Development (ZHD) of the Faculty of Human Sciences is part of the network of higher education NRW, which is an association of 15 didactical centres and working premises at North Rhine-Westphalian universities, administrative colleges and some colleges of art and music.

Being a member of the network "Hochschuldidaktik NRW", we offer lecturers and interested junior researchers the opportunity to participate in the qualification programme "Professional Teaching Skills for University." This includes a well-founded initial didactic qualification and is completed with a certificate. The NRW certificate officially confirms the pedagogical suitability of its holders, as it is required by many universities within the teaching profession.

The NRW certificate, with 200 work units (AE) in total, consists of three modules: a basis module (80 AE), an extension module (60 AE) and a specialism module (60 AE) and thus complies with national and international standards. The AEs are acquired through taking part in workshops (WS), cooperative work shadowing (KoHo) and through an innovative teaching project.



Within the modules, all subject areas with defined compulsory work units must be completed. The following compulsory work units apply:

• teaching and learning: a minimum of 60 AE

• examining and assessing: a minimum of 16 AE

• guiding students: a minimum of 16 AE

• feedback and evaluation: a minimum of 16 AE

• developing innovations in teaching and studies: a minimum of 60 AE